Fine Woodworking


The Fine Woodworking Group meets every month or two, usually in Fresno, and consists of members of the SJFWA that generally have the following characteristics:

  • A sincere desire to produce furniture or related fine woodworking projects that reflect the quality, care, and craftsmanship expected of a fine woodworker,
  • A willingness to put forth the effort to attain the skills of a fine woodworker regardless of their current skill level,
  • A commitment to be an active participant in the group and share their knowledge and experiences, good or bad.


Most meetings include a show-and-tell session where members discuss projects they are currently working on or have completed, followed by a demonstration or discussion on a particular woodworking topic. The goal is to promote a better understanding of the skills needed to be a fine woodworker and help members attain those skills.


If you would like to find out more about the Fine Woodworking Group and/or be included on the email notifications for meetings, please contact any of the following individuals: