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Introduction to Segmented Wooden Bowl Construction

At two meetings in October 2019, eight members of the SJFWA and two members of the Sequoia Woodturners attended an introductory class on making wooden segmented bowls. The class was taught by Craig Miller, Craig Gough and Stan Stephens. Students were supplied with the wood needed for the project as well as materials needed to make a Wedgie sled used to cut ring segments. After the one-day instructional class, students were sent home with the materials and knowledge needed to make a basic segmented bowl. The second session two weeks later was a follow-up to see how students progressed and address issues they may have encountered. It turns out the second meeting was very productive since students were now informed and had lots of follow-up questions. Craig Miller did an exceptional job of guiding student through the educational process. This was a great class and we hope to follow-up with a class on making the featured ring that accents segmented bowls.